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Have you ever taken yourself for granted because you didn't complete high school? But you don’t need to worry, the GED test proves that it's never too late to study and improve. Think of it as a second chance, a way to make things better. With it, you can carry on learning, find good jobs, [...]

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Best GED Prep Classes Online

So, you're asking, Can you take the GED test online? The answer is yes, you definitely can. In fact, you can now take the GED test on your computer at home. Getting your General Education Development (GED) certificate is like getting a key to lots of future opportunities. It doesn't matter if you're an adult [...]

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GED Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes

Have you ever been in an educational decision-making situation where you had to choose between standard classes with chalkboards and talkers and the cutting edge of online learning to get your GED? This is an individual preference; it's a chance to develop your insight. Ongoing research from the Public Community for Training Measurements shows that [...]

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