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What Are The Different Types Of Online Courses?

Are you enjoying that new mode of learning? Many others are too. Though some students found it challenging and requested if they can pay someone to do my courses, many are happy with it. We believe you are one of them and therefore want to know more about this module. We believe online learning is more hassle-free and saves a lot of your time. Over the past few years, we have seen man physical institutes turning online. We know covid was one reason but definitely not the only. The expectation was to see a surge in at least five years but the pandemic made it happen soon.

Earlier a lot of students were concerning how they will understand complexes online but now they only have praise for this. From traditional to online a lot happened in between. The lectures which were given in classes live are now done via mobile or computer screen. This shift is massive but by far the most beneficial one. If you agree and want to know how else you can ask your teacher to conduct your online class, this article is especially for you.

One-To-One Communication

One to one or you can say via face-to-face online classes you and your teacher communicate with each other through virtual classes. For instance zoom. This is the nearest to real-world mode, which was mostly followed by the instructors during the covid lockdowns. Both of you parties meet onscreen, exchange ideas, and play your role. For a good number of students, this is the best method.

It gives a sense of brick-and-mortar classrooms and makes the lecture relatively more engaging. For this mode of learning, zoom classrooms are the best idea but you can choose whatever tool you want. However, a strong internet connection is a prerequisite for it. Otherwise, you will only panic. Nothing else.

Hybrid Learning

Another one of the most followed techniques for learning was applied during the pandemic. This is one of the best because it not only allows you to pick online classes but also gives liberty for the physical ones. It is again a face-to-face interaction where you can communicate with your teachers online as well as in physical classes.

However, a very limited number of physical classes or sessions are available for the hybrid model. If you have any complex topic, a counseling or coursework session then it’s best to make it a hybrid. Similar to one-to-one, you can address your teachers, and them to you. The only difference is a lift of restrictions for on-site classes.

Web-Based Learning

Web-based learning is friends with teachers and students for almost a decade. In this popular format or type of online learning, there are tools for you present on websites where your teachers upload the content and you grip them at your own pace. Typically, the online course platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc follow this. In this method, you have all the published material and time flexibility to learn them.

Through this medium, your teachers can send you various media data plus quizzes and assignments. Though surveillance is definitely there to avoid any cheating and breaching. The learning material that you receive from your teachers on these platforms can be retrieved anytime and anywhere. It also gives you time flexibility so you can learn the course at your own speed.

Flipped Course

Many are still not au fait with this method of learning but those who are, love it! As clear by the name, the traditional methods of learning are flipped and where the more time in class is for lectures and less for discussions, now they are more for discussion and less for lectures. The curriculum of the real-world classroom witnesses a quick shift. When your teacher is taking 90% of the time giving lectures now they will use the same to listen to you.

Do you know how you can earn the maximum out of it? Via active participation. 

Here 10% of the time is limited to lectures and 90% is for classroom interactions. Your teachers will now listen to you and your queries and will spend more time answering your questions. This type of learning during the covid was beneficial to tackle different parts of courses where students had a blurry understanding of the shady concepts.

Peer Instruction                   

This mode of learning does not require your teachers’ interaction. However, still, is it one of the most impactful ways of online learning? What happens here is that your teachers drop all the lectures, notes, and explanations on their clipboards and take a step back? Now it’s you and your classmates only who have the access to this information. This type allows you to learn the course on your own. What you do is analyze what the lecture has to say and comprehend the complex concepts. The absence of a teacher in this mode of learning allows students to be more comfortable and learn their courses at their own convenience.

Though time flexibility is there, you still have the destined time to submit your coursework. This concept is not very popular as its debut was not long ago. Harvard has recently introduced this new concept. When you have all your outline in hand and there is no interference if a supervisor, the responsibility is all your own. You either shine out brighter or just fail the subject. No greys in between. However, you still have the option to discuss your syllabus with your peers. This in the end makes learning via peer instructions interesting and appealing.

Wrapping Up

So, students! What now do you think of online learning? Do you still find it interesting or have you lost all your motivation for online learning? Let us know in the comment section. However please don’t pay someone to take my courses. It will terribly impact your result and you’ll find no way out.

Though taking assistance is of no harm but an entire course? Not a good idea! Also, it is a good idea to suggest to your professor web-enhanced online learning where they can interact with you same as one-o-one learning. Here they also have the option to schedule the meeting and keep the material on a virtual keyboard simultaneously.

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