What is distance learning?

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What is distance learning?

Distance learning is an old idea, first used in the 19th century. It was aimed at providing education to full-time workers back then. However, this is now commonly known as online education. However, online education is a type of distance learning and the latter is a broader concept. Distance learning means learning from a place where teachers and students do not interact physically with each other. It is facilitated by technology for the delivery of assigned classes and course material. The interaction usually takes place through discussion threads and emails.

However, with the growing popularity of distance learning, you have a lot of courses and degrees to opt for. Things are changing rapidly and it is a good way to keep yourself updated with contemporary subjects and ideas. All you have to do is register and sit in front of your laptop. However, sometimes online courses could be boring and you might be struggling to finish them. We provide you with Online Course Takers who will take your courses for you and help you through the trouble.          

What is distance learning

Distance learning is also called online learning as it is only possible through the use of an electronic gadget. It is growing at a rapid pace and is a suitable yet efficient substitute for physical classes. Also, it allows you to learn from the comfort of your home. There are various ways of distance learning, Such as zoom conferences, synchronous and asynchronous courses, etc.

Types of Distance Learning

2 major types of distance learning are synchronous and asynchronous. All other kinds are subtypes of any of these.


Most of the online classes these days are examples of the synchronous type of distance learning. In this, the tutor and the students meet for the class at a pre-scheduled time. They need to connect through an online platform such as zoom, google class, or any other teleconferencing platform. This approach does not allow students to learn at flexible times and students may not like it.


It is one of the most used teaching techniques for distance learners. It allows them to take the class at their desired times and provides a cluster of deadlines. Students can take the classes and submit the coursework whenever they like. They also can participate in the group discussion through discussion panels. This learning method has recorded videos of classes. However, you should keep pace. Don’t be left behind in the schedule otherwise, you may lose interest.

Advantages of Distance Learning

Distance learning has a lot to offer. Let’s discuss some of the advantages.

Reduce Social Anxiety

If you like living in isolation and doing things on your own then distance learning is the way to go. Some people don’t like huge crowds and are averse to gossiping and talking. They like isolation and working alone. For such people, distance learning could be just the best relief. They learn all the necessary topics while not necessarily taking the on-campus courses. Many people learn things better on their own and excel.

Flexible Hours and Self Paced

Long ago the main purpose of distance learning was to accommodate those having part or full-time jobs. It is also true today. There are several courses and degrees that a student can enroll in and complete the course in a given time. Also, there are several courses which offer flexible time and a student can complete them when he likes to. Moreover, flexible hours give you the freedom of studying at your own pace and enables you to balance study and personal life.

Transferrable Skills

Unlike a physical class, in distance learning, you will have to do everything on your own. It increases your chance of building transferrable skills such as problem-solving, communication, adaptability, organization, etc. You will have different students from all over the world and taking part in a discussion with them will be a learning experience. You will not only learn important skills but also push yourself to compete with your colleagues.

Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Distance learning has some disadvantages too. For example:

Lack of Interest and Wastage of Time

One of the essential drawbacks is that people are used to physical classroom, studying in a strict environment. When there is nobody to supervise them, they may distract themselves and may not be able to finish your courses.


Distance learning is an emerging way to study. There are a number of courses and degrees that you can complete at the ease of your couch. However, sometimes you may feel less motivated as compared to a physical class and may lose interest. Nonetheless, it is a great way to learn things and pursue academic priorities as well as hobbies. Also, given the boring nature of the classes, if you want Online Course Takers to complete your courses then feel free to contact us.

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